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If you were not you, who would you be? 

Maybe a whale in the deep blue sea?

Hank the pup is happy just being himself, except for one little problem—a tiny flea buzzing in his ear, telling him that he’s not good enough. What if he were a monkey? Or a bird? Or even a lion? Wouldn’t that be better than just being himself?

Sometimes it is hard to avoid the pressures to change who you are just to fit in. Will the flea convince Hank to be someone he’s not, or will Hank stay true to himself?

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People are talking!

I’d Rather Be Me is a wonderful celebration of individuality and self-expression. With beautiful illustrations and a heartwarming message, this book gently guides children to embrace their uniqueness with courage and confidence. An essential addition for any young reader’s bookshelf, inspiring them to shine bright in the world!”

~Nima Patel, founder of Mindful Champs, parenting coach, and author of the picture book The Best You

I’d Rather Be Me is a much-needed, child-friendly antidote to the photo-filtered and social media-worthy world we live in that glamorizes changing oneself to fit in or be cool. Our messaging to children should be to celebrate, cherish, and have confidence in their uniqueness, and this book does just that!”

~Christina Furnival, licensed professional clinical counselor, mom of three,

and author of the award-winning Capable Kiddos series

Emily Peace Harrison was the youngest of five children in a house full of glorious chaos. It is no surprise that she established a career as the ultimate organizer of chaos, serving as an executive assistant in higher education for over fifteen years. Having had a front-row seat to the emotional journeys of her four siblings, her two sons, and countless college students (not to mention her own personal journey), Emily knows the importance of character building in the early stages of a child’s life as a way to prepare them for the emotional struggles they are sure to face. Beginning with her debut, I’d Rather Be Me, Emily’s picture books, filled with beautiful illustrations and heartfelt characters, aim to inspire confidence, foster empathy, and promote self-esteem in young readers. When she’s not at her day job or crafting rhymes for her stories, Emily enjoys stirring up a little chaos of her own with family and friends.

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